In order to provide the constantly growing organism of a child the diet should be competently designed and fully balanced. Everybody knows it.

But in fact the situation in usually like this:

«Eat up your salad, there are vitamins in it…», «Take one spoon for your Mommy, one spoon for your Daddy and one spoon for Spiederman…», «You should eat fish by all means, it is good for you…»
All attempt to come to an agreement often turn the feeding process into a fight in which the parent is not always victorious.

«No cartoons before you eat it up…» or «Do not cry, have a cake…» By the way, mentioning food as a threat or a pacifier is not recommended by psychologists. And, of course, those unending kid’s entreaties concerning pizza, potato chips, hamburgers, French fries and the like…

All this results in a question:

Does the kid’s organism really get all the substances needed for its normal growth and development?
If we are not sure of it, it is time to contemplate augmenting the child’s nutrition with those vitamins and microelements which he or she does not get in sufficient quantities.

The solution in there

There are special vitamins for children that differ from those intended for adults not only by their composition but by optimal dosage or components.

Biologically active food supplements will help in augmenting the kid’s diet and in preventing shortages of the necessary substances.